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We offer the BEST option in the state when it comes to programming, prices, and convenience!


We believe in instilling the importance of community into our youth! Not only do they learn methods of giving back to our community but they are also introduced to and taught by business owners and representatives from Carrollton.

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Weekly Labs

Each day is a 3 part lab rotation that will include the following labs:

STEAM Labs: 

With our newly designed Science, Technology & Engineering Labs that house our Live Experimental Learning Equipment, Osmo Coding Software, Merge Equipment, and new Robotics Electronics, our campers will be sure to increase their creativity and enhance critical thinking abilities while learning real-world applications taught by Witt from UWG’s Tinker’s Box that boosts curiosity and their drive for learning!


Makers Chamber Lab: 

As part or our Kid-preneur Experience, campers will be able to learn from licensed business professionals design techniques while producing marketing materials for their chosen business. Using our 3D Printer, Design/engraving/cutting equipment, and dedicated Makers Space, they will learn to design & create t-shirts, totebags, keychains, drinkware, and so much more!


Wellness Lab: 

Equipped with modern health-aides and relaxation equipment. Our campers will learn how to deliberately choose to engage in and maintain a lifestyle of health & wellbeing both mentally and physically. These methods taught by Tanner and UWG nursing volunteers are sure to reduce and prevent stress and anxiety. 


Music & Arts Lab: 

Our campers will develop self-perception and expression as they learn various musical styles and explore different instruments with our music instructors from Pippen Music Academy. They will also learn to communicate their innermost thoughts and feelings with emphasis on self-awareness through different Art Platforms.

Dance & Movement Specialty Days: 

Olivia, Ballet Coordinator at Carrollton Center for the Arts and owner of Momentus Dance, provides students with a summer of diverse dance education and activities including contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and somatic modern dance.


E-Sports Lab: 

Where fun meets physical activity! This lab has the newest Virtual Reality- Oculus headsets, Play Station 5, XBox Series X, Nintendo Switch OLED, and specialty Arcade Games that are sure to excite our campers!


Culinary Arts Lab: 

With our new dedicated culinary stations and cooking equipment, campers will learn everything from flavor development to creating their own recipes with our volunteers from West GA Tech! 


Sensory Lab:

Specially designed lab filled with colors, sounds, and aromas to help campers to be stimulated and engage their senses in a safe environment.


Additional Camp Activities Include:

Our certified boxing instructor, Frank will teach campers techniques that will help with self-discipline, boost self-confidence, build healthier bodies while improving balance and coordination.


J Christopher Greene Family Life Center
555 Caucer Lane, Carrollton, GA 30117



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