S.O.U.L. Food Outreach Program

Formerly “Dining with the Family”, Soul Food (FE/CE) is our monthly family meeting, disguised as a structured dinner that meets the needs of convenience for parents (they don’t have to cook) and fosters important conversations with the family and community dynamic.

While we eat dinner, we pose a single topic of discussion related to the experiences of youth in the community and discuss how to deal with such issues in the home and as a community at large. Topics include, drugs, violence, bigotry, education and, homelessness, all within a myriad of contexts. Our youth and the supportive adults in their networks are also able to establish a healthy dialogue about difficult subjects.

          1. Middle Grades (6-8) Student Learning Outcomes
            1. Building Responsibility
            2. Honing Listening Skills
            3. “Being a Child”
          2. High School (9-12) Student Learning Outcomes
            1. Focusing on Building Leadership
            2. Honing Health Decision-Making Skills (Peer Pressure)
            3. Having Difficult Conversations