WE BELIEVE that preparing our children for this world requires more than traditional classroom instruction and a 9-5 job. Therefore, we position ourselves to invest in the whole child while building relationships with their support networks to empower and uplift our children, families, and communities.

Most community organizations target a specific issue in society and work towards minimizing one or more symptoms of that issue. We at True-Liif have decided to take aim at the disease, more specifically, the systemic and historical issues that perpetuate a continued cycle of neglect, oppression, discrimination, exclusion, and a lack of justice. For almost 10 years, we’ve mentored, educated, supported, and invested in Atlanta’s children, youth, and young adults in partnership with their families and advocates, to learn and lead the next generation in critical awareness and social change. We accomplish this, and more, through place-based learning, self-empowerment, and community building.

Our Approach

Place-Based Learning – So often, community programs, specifically those that serve predominantly African American populations, pursue a goal where success includes the participant leaving their community of origin. True-Liif, Inc. works to give value to the community, the people within that community, and the opportunities to grow and empower that community.

Social Justice Learning: True-Liif, Inc. works tirelessly to foster critical social thought with regard to their own power and the ways they can use and leverage their power.

Cultural Relativism: True-Liif, Inc. does not discriminate against any group or demographic and part of its curriculum makes great use of the power of cultural relativism. It is utilized through several methods, such as: public conversations, community service projects, and other learning initiatives.

Fun: All to often, today’s youth programs about learning or preparation for adulthood; even those targeting the 6-12 age group. At True-Liif, we remember the value of play for its own sake. From taking trips to local fun zones in throughout Atlanta, to making up fun games at the local community center, we ensure that at the end of the day, our children will have a great time.